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Zip Backup to CD

To open an existing backup job select: files/open backup job.

To create a new backup job mark all selected folders in the folder list and select: Backup/Remove folder. Now you are ready to add the folders to backup select: Backup/Add folder to backup. Continue with adding all the folders which you want to backup.

Decide if all files in the selected folders shall be backed up or only the files which have been changed since the last backup where the archive bit were cleared shall be backed up.

Check the field clear archive bit to get the archive bit of the backed up files cleared after they are backed up. This makes it possible afterwards to make backup of only the files changed since the last full backup.

In addition to above selection you also have the option to backup files which have been changed after a specific date and time by checking the field Newer than and submitting a date and time.

A special feature is the possibility to use automatically the date and time for the last execution of a backup job as the newer than date and time. The feature is enabled or disabled with the menu Backup/Use Last runtime as newer than. This feature is especially useful if you want to make backup copies in very short intervals to have the possibility of saveing the different stages of a project.

The Zip file created will normally get a name in this format according to the date and followed by a number starting with 100 for the first file created this day. After the number may follow an "a" which means that only files with the archive attributes set (files changed since last backup) have been backed up or a "c" which means that it is a copy and the archive attributes have not been cleared after the backup of the files. You can also specify a name which shall precede the creating number. Now it should be decided where the backup files shall be stored. It is recommended to store the file on a fixed disk drive before copying it to a CD-R. The Zip file size can be specified by selecting one of the fixed sizes or by specifying your own size. When the Zip file has achieved the selected size, the program will continue to create the next file if there is enough free space on the destination drive. If there is not enough free space, the program will stop the zipping process and allow the user to insert a new removable media or copy the created file to a CD-R and thereafter delete the file to make free space. Now the user shall press OK and the zipping process will continue to create the next Zip file.

The compression factor can be selected by the user. Selecting compression factor over middle will slow down the zipping process and should only be used if the Zip file size is of great importance.



To start the restoring process of one or more files start with opening the Zip file containing the files by selecting the menu Restore/Open file to restore from. You may also use any other Zip program to unzip the files from the Zip file.

Select the folder, drive or network share where the files shall be restored to. Check the field Add stored path to destination path to get the restored files placed in the same folders as the original one, from which it was backed up. Unchecking this field will restore all files in the destination path regardless of their original path.

Decide if the files restored shall overwrite existing files and when the files shall be overwritten.

Mark the files which shall be restored and press start to begin the restoring.

It is possible to change the sort order of the file list by double clicking the column header.



The log shows information on backup jobs processed. To read in the last information press the Update button. The information is stored in a standard text file ZipBackup.Log.



Here it is possible to schedule the opened backup to run at different times. To schedule another job open the job as described under backup.

The job scheduled will run monthly on the first occurrence of the days checked, e.g. First Monday in the month or the first day in the month if a date is specified.


The job scheduled will run weekly on the first occurrence of the days checked.

The job scheduled will run daily.

The job will only run once.

When the date and time for the job to schedule has been selected, press the Add button to add the job to the schedule list.

Remove a job by selecting the job in the lower list and press the Remove button.

The upper list contains the job with name and time to be run next. The lower list contains the schedules as added.

Zip Backup to CD can be started automatically every time when the computer is started by checking the menu Files/Start automatic



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