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We believe you should be able to try a product before you choose to buy it. That is why you can download Zip Backup to CD and try it free for 30 days. There are no limitations, you get the entire product.

Zip Backup to CD will run on your computer for 30 days without any limitations. After 30 days you need to register Zip Backup to CD. After registering, you will receive a registration name and key. Enter the registration information and you can continue to secure your data.

Click below to download a Shareware version of Zip Backup To CD ver. 3.20.1, released 9. September. 2006.

Download Zip Backup To CD as a self extracting exe file (zipbackup320.exe, size 1025 kB).

Download Zip Backup To CD as a self standard ms install file (zipbackup320.msi, size 1104 kB).

Download Zip Backup To CD as a standard Zip file (, size 994 kB).

Click below to download a Shareware version of Zip Backup To CD ver. 3.19.8, released 5. February. 2006.

Download Zip Backup To CD as a self extracting exe file (zipbackup319.exe, size 1010 kB).

Download Zip Backup To CD as a standard Zip file (, size 980 kB).

If you encounter any problems during download of the program click here!

We can also mail the program to You, ask for a free delivery by email, it will be mailed as soon as you have confirmed the request.

Revision history:

Version 3.20.1 DVD+R DL support added. Exclude from subfolder without excluding the files added. Run after and before job not always working fixed. Slow running also include zip verify and file compare. Better handling of defective catalog files. Password minor bugfix.

Version 3.19.8 If use XP compatible file-names is checked. The conversion of foreign characters are changed to to not convert if the file-name contains characters which are not supported by the Windows XP compressed folders.

Version 3.19.7 Problem with command line usages in Windows XP. New features, it is now possible to force a wait for the next media and force a reduced use of the processor and disk usage at the cost of the speed.

Version 3.19.4 Problem with changing backup job solved.

Version 3.19.2 Added Remove duplicates from 1. catalog. The catalog file can now be added to the last CD/DVD if this has enough free space.

Version 3.19.1 Added more info to restore log. Added check for files > 4GB. Windows 2003 terminalserver support, when running as service. Robotic arm support. Verify after backup is now default. New restore interface with filter options and checkbox.

Version 3.18.7 Improved the handling of splitting zip files and multi destinations. Problem with burning very small (less than 1MB) zip archives to DVD fixed.

Version 3.18.6 Change temp path, show actual burning speed, DVD-R multisesion see note *1in media formats

Version 3.18.5 Fixed problem when a job is adding more files to one media. Changed file numbering to start from 001. Fixed error "Unable to create directory". DVD-R caching files for burning once. Format of a new blank DVD+RW is now possible. Erase progress display adjusted. Added hide tray icon. Fixed problem with user data when running as service, job definitions and schedules disappears.

Version 3.18.3 Support for DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD+RW.

Version 3.18. Support for DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD-RW but for DVD-RW it does not support appending to a DVD which are used you need to erase it every time before use.

Version 3.17. Problem with program load on Win 98, and CD spanning together with packet writing programs.

Version 3.16. Load job from command line, problem with program load at system startup together with other CD burner software fixed.

Version 3.15. Problem with some CD/DVD devices not working, page fault in Windows 98 fixed.

Version 3.14. Email notification added, faster load of program.

Version 3.12. Problem with excluding files as Thumbs.db, files without path and wildcards.

Version 3.11. Installation pack downloaded before 8. November 2003. Error: Service "Zip Backup to CD" failed to install with error: "System Error. Code: 1073. The specified service already exists"
This is not and error in Zip Backup to CD but a error in the installation. This error is fixed in the present installations pack. Uninstall Zip Backup to CD, download the new installation pack and install it.

Version 3.11. Problem with files larger than 2 GB solved, some CD devices not detected and scheduler sometimes stop.

Zip Backup to CD version 2, revision history:

Version 2.34. Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.32. Removed reference to ActiveX control.

Version 2.31. Bug fix.

Version 2.29. Backup of empty files and attributes for empty files now supported. Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.28. New release with possibility to resume a cancelled job. Backup and restore of folders and empty folders attributes. Writting direct to CD-R media using Roxio's DirectCD. Enhanced utilization of the free disk space which allows the use of the build in CD writing capabilities of WindowsXP. Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.27. Minor bug fix.

Version 2.25. New release with complete system restore of Windows 9x, ME. Catalog file. Log file are included in backup. Registry backup and restore.   

Version 2.21. New release with handling of more than 65500 files fitting in one zipfile and enhanced utilization of the operating systems resources (win9x and ME).   

Version 2.20. New release with Tray icon, Overwrite Zip file, No compression, Write all files to log.

Version 2.15. Added Zip file verify after backup. Support for foreign characters in filenames.

Version 2.00. New release with drag and drop interface. Include and exclude list. Volume information in zip file.

Solved problems and known problems Status

Version 2.34
Saving of registry is slow
Scheduler can stop working

Version 2.32
Saving of registry is slow
Scheduler can stop working
Next ver.

Version 2.31
Skipping a file when starting on a new zip file, when more than one zip file in the job. Fixed

Version 2.29
Reporting not skipped file as skipped in log. Fixed

Version 2.28
Access violation if the users home folder is a root folder (H:\). Fixed

Version 2.27
Problem with some date formats dd/mmm/yyyy, and destination drive. Fixed

Version 2.21
Program is responding very slow with a big log file. Fixed

Version 2.20
In Win9x and ME, error messages when the log files is to big. Fixed

Version 2.15
Skipping a scheduled run once job under some conditions. Fixed
File size is getting larger than defined (especially under Windows 2000). Fixed

Version 2.12
Problem with reading some date formats in the scheduler Fixed

Version 2.10
Problem with error messages "List index out of...." when there is only one scheduled job
and this job is run once.

Version 1.20
Problem with continuing after out of disk space Fixed

Version 1.10
Looping when a file have a wrong date-time stamp Fixed
When used with the parameter /H, the program stops after the first ZIP file Fixed

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