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Subject: starting from a certain point

By: Ryan Williamson

11/07-2005 00:27

is their a way i can start it from a certain point, because i know it starts with a t but it starts off with a @ symbol so any help with this would really sped it up

By: just me

19/10-2005 19:52

This is pretty easy.
Anyway, the interface does not offer that option.

You need to adjust two files.
FileName=C:\MyFiles\ (I did not check this in detail, however I inserted the path to file)
Lastchecked=XXX (in case you like to start as of XXX)
LastLength=3 (since above has a length of 3 ;-) )

XXX (insert exactly the same starting point)

When defining the starting point you need to consider the tool's order:

Good luck!

By: krish

07/02-2006 07:10

But this option doesn;t work. every time I start program, it again starts from aaaa... like that. even after i define it does not take starting poing

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