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Subject: password not working

By: catherine weeks

25/07-2004 18:57

why is my password finder not working on the password protected zip files now that it is downloaded?

By: bravehart_909

07/05-2005 13:40


By: FO

23/06-2006 10:33

I made a zip file with a small password and it was able to find it very well.
ZipRecovery version: 1.0 file version:
Zip file made with WinZip 8.0 (3105)
working on Windows XP SP2

By: bob

21/10-2006 05:49

how do i do this??????????????$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

By: FO

23/10-2006 10:05

Just install the program, select just the boxes:
[v] numbers [v] lowercase [Min length: 2] [v] same pass on all files
the press the Open Zip button at the left top and browse to the folder where the .zip file is and open it from this window; the files inside will go to the upper half of Zip Password Recovery window just bellow the parameters
Then press the Start button.
Or it works, or not.
If not try a commercial version at

By: Adriaan Nikken

07/06-2007 08:58

So I have gotten to the point of the box with the boxes to check or not to check. The key is registered, and the start option is not a button that is set to work. No characters appear in the lower boxes, the program does nothing. I am running linex on a hp zv5000 box.

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