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Subject: Zip Bckup changes my computer's name!


17/01-2005 20:13

I need to rename My computer and My Documents to BDH's computer and BDH's Documents. Ever since i started using Zip Backup to CD the software automatically changes the name of my computer and my documents to the default. This means that i have to change them back every time and this is getting very annoying. Please tell me how to stop Zip Backup from changing my computer's name!

By: Datahjaelp

18/01-2005 12:00

I can assure you that Zip Backup to CD cannot and will not change your computer name. The information about where to place the program data are read in the registry for the user logged on, should this folder have been removed or renamed (not a good idea as it is a system folder an a lot of programs relies on the existents of this folders) Zip Backup to CD will create the missing folders which it needs. Please make sure that you change the computer name in the correct way in the control panel and that you create a user with the new name and logon as this user.

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