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Subject: Writer Error, only after erase

By: Herbert Reed

24/02-2006 04:48

Writer Error ( Hardware Error Tracking Serve Failure ) Error Burning to disk.

These messages appear only at one clients site and have persisted through 3 DVD Burners... Last two LG GSA-4167B's last one built in September of 2005. I have 4-5 installations running perfectly, all Intel P4, Intel M'boards, WinXP Pro.. This one is the same and nothing but trouble. If we run new disks and keep writing to them, the Overwrite will not work, they run perfectly. The Disks are all brand name Sony, Verbatium, Maxell DVD+ or - RW.

Please any one, help us save this client. By now six months of this has tarnished our reputation with them.

Thank You,

Herb Reed
Reed Micro Automation
Altoona, PA, USA

By: Datahjaelp

24/02-2006 09:17

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