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Subject: Windows Vista

By: Doug Allison

03/02-2008 18:01

Any chance of making a version of this software compatible with Windows Vista? I'd even buy a new license if it was available. Thanks!

By: Thomas David Lloyd

26/09-2008 07:51

I would hope that if I upgrade to Vista I would not have to change my backup software.

By: Doug Allison

26/09-2008 22:44

Unfortunately, you will. I wish this software worked under Vistas as I am evry pleased with it. But it does not.

By: Thomas David Lloyd

28/09-2008 04:49

As the authors have not come back on this subject, there appears to be no prospect of a Vista version.
I am looking at another program from (no space or hyphon)who assure me their software works fine with Vista.

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