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Subject: What should be a small backup turns into a 2 gig back up

By: Brian m

31/08-2007 14:13

I'm not quit sure why this is happening, since i have it set to back up any changed files and have after checked. It seems to be saving all the files, which isn't what i want at all. I also have clear abit checked if that makes a difference. I have it set to 2 gigs as maximum in case it ever needed to get that big but I just don't see that happening, no one changed 45 thousand files so it shouldn't be backing up that many.

Also i just bought 3.18 and was wondering if i downloaded the newest one if i'd have to rebuy or could transfer the key form this one over to the newest version.

Thanks for any help

By: Datahjaelp

11/09-2007 22:24

You can upgrade to any version for free and use your existing key. You should observer that depending on your user rights you may not be able to clear the abit. If you have after checked what date have you put in the field?
We have introduced the catalog function to overcome the problem with the abit and user rights. Please read the information under help to learn how to use a catalog.

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