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Subject: What does the catalog function check.

By: Customer

12/10-2004 16:24

I am looking for a better backup program than the ones that I use now, NTI's Backup Now and Retrospect Express. The reason why is because I do a lot of defragging and antivirus scanning on my system, both of which seems to trick Backup Now into thinking files should be backed up that shouldn't be. Retrospect isn't so plagued, but it is very touchy as to what media and drives it will work with.

My question is whether Zip Backup to CD's catalog function checks more than just the archive bit, to see if a file needs to be backed up. Ideally, I'd love to have it check the file's creation/modified dates and the size to see if a file has really changed, not just been defragged or scanned with my antivirus program.

By: Datahjaelp

12/10-2004 16:25

The catalog function does only use the creation/modified dates to determine if a file need to be backed up. We do not use the size as you can make changes to some files without changing the size.
We have avoided the archive bit as you need at least write right to modify the archive bit.

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