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Subject: v. 3.20 & some suggestions

By: voitek kubacki

11/10-2006 05:56

I have very recently purchased previous version 3.19
I believe I am entitled to new version for free? right?
So how do I do it?, download v.3.20 and install over prev. ver 3.19 and use same licence code?

Suggestion: I have recently "discovered" this product and I am pleasently surprised how well it suits my needs. Interface is somehow different than North American software, but that's minor. I was wandering about any plans of adding draging and dropping to restore module zip file; after all you incorporated this feature in include and exclude windows already.

By: Datahjaelp

14/10-2006 13:40

Any user from previous version can upgrade to the latest version for free.
You can install over the existing version and it will be upgraded and normally the registration information will be taken over, if it fails you can use the same name and key.
We will consider making drag and drop for the restore.

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