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Subject: Using DVD+RW drive & Media

By: Stewart Ives

09/08-2004 20:36

Hello - I'm a bit confused on the proper sequence of using DVD+RW media. As this media doesn't function strickly like a "floppy" such as DVD-RAM does, can you provide instructions for the use of DVD-RW media??

Such as:
- Format using InCD (and what format to use)
- Record to using Zip Backup to CD.
- Remove from drive.
- To reuse, erase using InCD
- Record to using Zip Backup to CD.


By: Datahjaelp

23/08-2004 16:32

You should not format the CD for use with Zip Backup to CD. The program will handle the erasing (if you select erase) and the burning on all media types. Note if the media is formatted for use with InCD the program will continue to use packet writing on that media. You can make a full erase with the erase function under the CD/DVD tab to avoid using InCD on that media.

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