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Subject: User profile folder has switched to "LocalService"

By: Terry Pothecary

21/06-2005 17:03

I am running ZipBackup as an XP scheduled task and specifying a MyBackup.dat file as the task file.

For a while now ZB has been correctly reading the .dat file from my user profile folder: "Z:\Terry\Application Data\ZipBackupToCD" (Yes I have been a smart ass and changed my user profile location) and correctly writing the log file to the Log subfolder there.

Now, for apparently no reason, ZB has decided to read and write from the "C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Application Data\ZipBackupToCD" folder.

How do I get ZB to permanently switch back to my personal profile folder? This is driving me nuts!

By: Datahjaelp

21/06-2005 17:30

There is one ore more reason for this behaviour:
Your home folder is probably placed on a network drive. In this case the drive is only available when the user is logged in.

You have changed the program to run as service in this case the program can not access a network drive this is a limitation in Windows (if they cannot make it secure they simply disables the functionality).

The program is started from a scheduler running on the LocalService account.

By: Terry Pothecary

21/06-2005 17:35

My home folder is NOT on a network drive, Z: is a local hard drive.

I have NOT changed the program to run as a service.

This behaviour also happens if I log in and run the .bat file manually.

Please help!

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