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Subject: Unable to create directory

By: John Klug

03/07-2004 22:11

This seems to happen at the end of back-ups sometimes. No disks are full. If I repeat the backup, the problem goes away. I have Windows 98 SE. A suggestion would be to print the name of the directory that it was unable to create. What directory is created at the end of a back-up? The catalog directory exists, and is on "D:\Program Files\Datahjaelp\Zip Backup to CD\Catalogs"
which is on the hard drive, and had a catalog in it before the back-up started. The log directory is "D:\Program Files\Datahjaelp\Zip Backup to CD\Log" which had logs before the back-up began. The zip file also existed after this error occurred. This problem has occurred twice in about 7 trials so far.

This is a copy of the log file. Note that the successful backup is first. The media is DVD-RAM, formatted to FAT32, which behaves like a 4.7GB hard drive.

07/02/2004 10:49:27 AM > Backup started: d_not_program_files.dat
07/02/2004 10:50:03 AM > Files total: 15941
07/02/2004 10:50:10 AM > Files to backup: 15941 Folder infos to backup: 1115
07/02/2004 10:50:10 AM > Bytes to backup: 2732872745

07/02/2004 6:51:20 PM > Backup started: d_not_program_files.dat
07/02/2004 6:51:54 PM > Files total: 15940
07/02/2004 6:52:01 PM > Files to backup: 15940 Folder infos to backup: 1115
07/02/2004 6:52:01 PM > Bytes to backup: 2732893500
07/02/2004 7:08:09 PM > Backup terminated unexpected: d_not_program_files.dat
07/02/2004 7:08:09 PM > Backup error: Unable to create directory

By: Datahjaelp

03/07-2004 23:39

Please make sure you are using version 3.18.5 or later it should solve the problem.

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