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Subject: Unable To Create Backup

By: Dale Felmingham

06/07-2006 03:17

Have just install a windows XP machine with latest version (registered) of Zip Backup. We cannot perform a backup as it comes with the error not enough room on disk when there is heaps of room.
Also when going to the CD/DVD tab, all options come up with a red cross - We have replaced the CD Writer in the machine with a new one and have the same problem as with the old one. CD Writer copys files direct from Windows to cd with no problems.

By: Dale Felmingham

06/07-2006 03:19

The old computer that the XP one has replaced had the same problem which has intermitentely occured over the past few months

By: Datahjaelp

11/07-2006 23:01

Do the user have the rights to access the writer? try to log-in with the administrator account and check if all options are marked with a reed cross. Some of the options should have a green check mark.

If you do not have a line like: Internal ASPI (SPTI 0)
in the messages field, you should try to force the use of the internal ASPI driver.
Check Use internal ASPI driver.

If all properties are with red crosses then you probably have a program installed which are taking over the access to the CD Writer.

By: Tony Miller

12/02-2007 20:07

The Nero backitup program works until it starts to burn the CD. Then I get a message which says: Preparation of ISO 9660 structure failed. and, Caching of files failed.

How can I correct these?

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