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Subject: Unable to backup to DVD+R RW

By: Cori

27/11-2007 16:21

Trying to backup to DVD+R RW CD. Whenever I click on the CD/DVD tab, I get a CHECK on Read and Write on DVD+R and Read & Write on DVD+RW, plus the "Internal ASPI" message appears so evidently I should be able to write to a DVD+R or DVD+RW.

To start the backup, I set the DVD drive as destination but whenever I insert a blank DVD+R RW CD into the drive, it seems it's unable to recognize it (never stops reading the CD) and the screen won't reflect the size of the target CD in the drive. This same DVD drive is able to play videos or read JPG files from a DVD+R RW, and of course able to read/write to regular CD +R/RW.

What seems to be the problem? Is it my DVD Driver? Tried using the "Device Selection" but same problem. Other info: Windows XP Home Ed ver 2002, Service Pack 2. Compaq 2241AP Notebk, Pentium M. DVD Drive is Toshiba ODD DVD.

Thanks and sincerely hope you'll get back to me ASAP.

By: Datahjaelp

27/11-2007 17:27

You may obtain more information on the inserted medium if you press ctrl+s when you are in the CD/DVD drop down box ( it is active and the device you which to use is blue)

**** Start of disc status report ****
1:0:0,G: HL-DT-STDVDRAM GSA-4040BA104
Disc type: DVD-RW
Disc status: Closed
Disc erasable: Yes
Free blocks: 0 = 0
Used blocks: 1836531 = 3761215488
Total blocks: 0 = 0
Possible speed: 1,0x (1.385 KB/s)
**** End of disc status report ****

Do you have any packet writing programs like (DirectCD or InCD) installed?. The may interferer and block other programs from accessing the drive. Can you obtain informations for the inserted DVD with your other burner program?.

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