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Subject: Two stage backups??

By: Marden Seavey

11/03-2006 20:07

For convenience in running backups unattended I backed up first to an external hard drive, using Zip Backup to CD, in chunks of 650MB. Then I burned the chunks into separate CDs using NERO. However, when I went to copy the files from the CDs to a separate computer, as a test, the files would not copy.

But when I use Zip Backup to CD to backup directly to a CD, then I CAN copy the files off the CD onto the separate computer. No problem.

Next I tried backing up my external hard drive backup to a CD. (I used Zip Backup to CD in each case of course.) This looked ok on the CD but, again, the files would not copy to the separate computer.

What is going on here? Any way to do what I want to do?



By: Datahjaelp

25/04-2006 16:14

What do you mean with that they can not copy to the separate computer. If you can see the file on the disk you should also bee able to copy it unless you get a read error. If you get a read error the burning was not OK or the media is defect.

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