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Subject: Thanks for an awesome product.....

By: Lonnie Reeder

05/11-2006 04:40

I was testing your product on my server at home. I had a SCSI Drive failure on Friday, I had your product configured to backup to DVD each night. The beauty of your product is that I can restore, if you need to, using a PKZIP or WINZIP. I did my restore using WINZIP today and I am now up and running again...

This little program saved me hours of work, and is well work the $27.00 I paid for it. Just as a way of information, I read about your product in PC computing magazine, and to say the least I was skeptical, but after my experience of having to recover from a drive failure using this product, I am convinced this is a nice product. I hope you will continue to update it and improve where you can.

The only thing this product does not do that I would like to see is the ability to save files in seperate zip files instead of one large one...

Thanks again for a great product.

Lonnie Reeder

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