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Subject: Temp Files Not Automatically Deleted in v3.20

By: Richard Joyner

29/09-2006 17:43

[ver">: I noticed that this version leaves temp files in the temp folder even after they have successfully been written to disk. I believe the previous version (3.19) automatically deleted the temp files once it was done with them. Can I configure the software so as not to leave the temp files behind? The reason I need to do this is because the total size of my backups oftentimes requires more space than what I have available on the drive where the temp folder is located. I did see a "Clean up" button next to the temp folder text box (in the "CD/DVD" tab), but this is only for a manual clean up, after the backup job has completed.

By: Datahjaelp

04/10-2006 17:02

We will change i back to the behavior from version 3.19.
The temp files are deleted if the burned file is compared with the source without errors but if the "Compare burned file with source" is not checked this operation will not be performed and the file will not be erased even if the check zip file is performed without errors.

If you check this option the file will be erased.

The future behavior will be:
If no tests are specified the file will always be deleted.
If a test does fail the file will NOT be deleted.

By: Richard Joyner

04/10-2006 18:17

Thanks...I very much appreciate your response!

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