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Subject: systa.bkf file

By: Peter Kerekes

09/02-2005 21:47

Lately my ZIP-backup includes a large file Systa.bkf about 247 MB. Also at the same time the backup takes a long time and the file is also approx 249Mb (as an example). Even when I do a differencial backup almost immediately after a full backup.

What is this file and why is it included? I did not see this in the past.

Why do I have a large differencial file soon after a full backup?

In the past, differencial backup was less than 100 MB after a full backup.

Thank you for the comments.


By: Datahjaelp

09/02-2005 22:54

The Systa.bkf file is a system state backup. It is a Windows backup file of all the important system files also those file which a locked an inaccessible as long as Windows is running.
The file is included while you have selected include system state.

By: Peter Kerekes

10/02-2005 00:08

Is it really necessary, advisable to back up this file each time including differencial backup?

I guess it showed up since I switched to WIN2K.



By: Datahjaelp

16/02-2005 11:14

No it should not be necessary unless you install new programs or update your windows installation.

By: Peter Kerekes

16/02-2005 15:00

Thank you
that's a big help.


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