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Subject: splitting files

By: Sandor Swartz

27/11-2004 02:06

I have a series of video files that would almost PERFECTLY fit onto 2 DVD-R disks (so perfectly that DVD+R disks can't be used and in fact so perfectly, UDF can't be used in DVD-R - I have to set it to Joliet. Maybe that will not be true after it is zipped because it will cut the size a fraction of a percent), except there is no solution to the knapsack problem of finding a subset of the files to fit on one disk and the rest of the files on the other without going over capacity on either. It comes down to one 351 megabyte file that I want to split into a 76 meg file and a 275 meg file, so I don't want to put all of them in one big zip file that spans 2 disks, pkware can bring it down to about 349 megs so maybe a 75 and a 274 then. Anyway, I tried running this program with the number set to 274, and it produced a stupid zip file with a size of something like a third of a KILOBYTE, containing just a text file, that it looks like it throws into all the zip archives (that's irritating). What do I do to get it to work?

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