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Subject: Spanning - Skipping one drive in 3 drive set.

By: Wes Heaton

15/09-2005 06:40

Sytanx for 3 drives is D:|E:|F: correct?
I can not seem to stop the software from auto adding a | at the end. Looks as follows D:|E:|F:|
Issue with this is that it skips E: assuming this is the problem.

I tested the E: and performed a test back up to it alone and it worked fine. This was without removing the media that was in when it was skiped over.

The IDE placement is as follows:

D: 0:1:0 <-- yes this is slave on the primary IDE but is functioning fine so far.
E: 1:0:0 Master Secondary
F: 1:1:0 Slave Secondary

>>> Internal ASPI (SPTI 0)
>>> Internal ASPI (SPTI 1)

From looking at the post in another thread I Assume the correct syntax is D:|E:|F: so I need some help in stoping the software from automatically making it D:|E:|F:|

Windows 2000 SP4
Zip Backup to CD version

By: Bor

15/09-2005 20:57

Hi Wes,

I don't have this problem, maybe the reason is that I have installed Windows XP Home.

By: Wes Heaton

16/09-2005 14:07

Changed the Order to D:|F:|E: and the software auto added the | again D:|F:|E:| and it skipped F: this time. Still cant get it to not do that.

By: Wes Heaton

16/09-2005 22:54

I do computer contract support, I need to be able to use 3 or more drives with Windows 2k,2003 or XP. Currently I have only purchased 2 copies of this software and have another 5 sites in testing phase of it. If I cant get the 3 drive set to work, I will go to a different software package. Any help on this matter would be apreciated.
I would really like to stay with this software for the zip file format. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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