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Subject: Slow Running?

By: rick papazian

08/02-2005 22:20

What does the "Slow Running" option under the "Advanced" tab do? I cannot find any reference to it in the documentation.

Thanks -

By: Datahjaelp

09/02-2005 23:07

"Slow Running" is forcing the program to do the backup very slow to avoid heavy cpu load. When the program is minimized it will run with idle priority using all the cpu power which is not used by other programs but with low priority. This will on many systems result in a cpu load about 100% if it is important to avoid this and you have a lot of time to do the backup you can select slow running but the backup may use about the double time. Note that processes with access to the burner device is not slowed down so you may experience times with a high cpu load during the burning a comparing process.

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