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Subject: Scheduled Task issue

By: ebram

25/05-2005 17:12

I am using Windows Server 2000 with Zip Backup to CD and I am using scheduled tasks to run the program.

When I enter the string to run the program I enter the following string:

"C:\Program Files\Datahjaelp\Zip Backup to CD\ZipBackup.exe /=New Job.dat /H"

However when I click apply and save the task the string has changed to the following:

"C:\Program Files\Datahjaelp\Zip Backup to CD\ZipBackup.exe \=New Job.dat \H"

I have entered the string numerous times with and without quotes, but the command switches ALWAYS change.

As you can see the command line switches are changing from forward slashes to back slashes.

How can I correct this so that I can run the program from scheduled tasks. (I have a complex schedule to follow and the programs scheduler does not fit my needs)

Please advise ASAP

By: William Cable

26/05-2005 19:36

The problem you are having might be related to having spaces in the path, W2k doesn't seem to like this in the scheduler. Try using the short filenames and paths, for example...
you can use dir /x to get the short filenames and paths.

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