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Subject: Scheduled backups without logged-in user

By: David E. Cloud

31/07-2006 18:12

I'm trying to back up our server once each week, but Zip Backup only runs if the user is logged in. I've been leaving the console locked, but several weekend power failures have left me without backups (because no one was around to log in when power was restored).

What is the recomended "light's out" setup for unattended servers?

By: Bruce Mutton

07/08-2006 03:12

The "Run as Service" menu item on the right hand side of the Datahjaelp website seems to provide step by step instructions for the situation you describe.

On a slightly different flavour of the same topic...
I have a stand alone machine with multiple user profiles, and I want to back them all up, if the machine is on, regardless of whether ANYONE is logged on or NOT.

Have scheduled backup jobs set up that work fine, (although I have not got around to testing for sure that the jobs work in all of the above situations - I assume they probably don't necesarily) so then I thought I'd tick the application's 'Run as service' menu item, and the application no longer starts automatically and if started manually can not find any job, log or catalog files.
This is because its now looking in the Localservice folder and not in my user profile.

I'm about to experiment to see if I can just move all my user profile files to the localservice folder and do what ever else it takes to get it to work.

Anyway, seems that this is either a fault in the application or a deficiency in the instructions.

Surely just ticking the applications 'run as service' menu item should be enough to trigger a process that either guides the user through the process of making it work, or offer to move the files for the user, as in most circumstances users will have job files that they expect to continue to be operative???

By: Datahjaelp

07/08-2006 14:59

You should not move anything to the localservice folder as it is a systemfolder for system use only.
When a program is running as localservice it normally has access to all local resources and files on the computer.
You should change the place where the configuration files are saved:


Default the value would be 1, which means the program configuration data and log files will be stored in the users profile. When the value is set to 0 the data will be stored in the folder where the program file is located and sub-folders to this folder.

As you mentioned make sure that the program is not started automatically.
If you start the program manually you can change the schedule and backup job and save it. If you use the Windows Task Manager to end the process ZipBackup.exe you will see that it is automatically started again within a minute.

Too make sure that no user have the start automatically option checked it is necessary to got to the service panel and stop the service ZipBackup.exe.

You will now have to log in as any user on the PC and remove the Start Automatic check mark as the information to start the program is stored in that particularly users registry.

By: David E. Cloud

07/08-2006 16:17

No, the "Run As Service" still doesn't allow the built-in scheduler to run when no user is logged in (I've tested that). A command-line reference, so that I can run from the NT task scheduler, is probably the answer, but I cannot find any information on the command-line interface.

By: Datahjaelp

07/08-2006 16:51

The following can be found in the help file.

Command line The following parameters can be used when starting the programme from a batch file.

Hide the programme.

Load the backup job specified and start the backup job. If the parameter is used in conjunction with the /H parameter, the backup programme will stop when the job has finished, if there is no scheduled jobs.

Is used when the programme shall be hidden after it is loaded.

Is used when the programme shall be closed after the job is finished.

You must add the /H parameter to your command line else it will not ignore the status of the last job.

zipbackup.exe /=jobname.dat /H

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