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Subject: Run before Job

By: John Savage

30/05-2005 07:38

Trying to run a batch command file before the job using the Advanced feature "Run before and after the Job": Run C:\Util\Batch.bat, Wait 10 secs.

Although job execution is delayed as requested, the batch does NOT execute. Any clues?

By: Norbert Wentz

15/06-2005 08:05

Hi John,
Maybee you can try to add a cmd.exe /C
to your Path. cmd /H give you all available options
On Other than Win2K you can try command.exe or

By: John Savage

12/07-2005 10:06

In fact the problem was that you cannot pass batchfile parameters in the command line, i.e. "Run c:\util\batch.bat param1" from Zipbackup won't work. If you need to pass parameters, you must create another batch which in turn calls "batch.bat" passing the required parameters.

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