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Subject: Run Before and After Job Problems

By: Brian Petro

20/07-2007 02:12

I want to use zip backup to CD to backup my outlook datafile. Because outlook locks it's datafile I have to turn outlook off before the backup runs, then turn it back on afterward. In order to automate the process I wrote two very simple batch files (one to close it and one to open it). Both batch files work great by themselves, however when I implement them from within your "run before and after" option, the script that is supposed to be run afterward never runs. When I test a dos box pops up, the first batch file runs, outlook closes, a successful backup is run, and that's it. A second dos box never opens up and the "open outlook" batch file never runs. The backup is successful and did not hang. What is the problem?

By: Brian Petro

26/07-2007 01:50

Just checking in if a staff member at zip-backup can please address this post?

By: Brian Petro

01/08-2007 01:29

Checking in again because it's been a couple weeks since I've posted this message. Does anyone ever look at this forum?

By: Brian Petro

08/08-2007 02:24

I'm here to post my weekly note that no-one from zip-backup has responded to my request for help.

By: Brian Petro

16/08-2007 01:59

Just making my weekly post to point out that my question has not been addressed. Please help!!!

By: Brian Petro

23/08-2007 07:33

Here's another post to request help with this problem. Looks like I've been waiting for help on this issue for close to 5 weeks now.

By: David J. Kolman

27/08-2007 19:54

I am also frustrated by this. I found that the "Run before" works, but "Run after" does not. I really would like to see this work.

By: David J. Kolman

27/08-2007 20:10

A few minutes after making my earlier post, I found that v3.20 fixes this problem. Thank you!

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