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Subject: Program ejects CD before completion

By: Chester F. Budd

07/08-2004 14:52

The program ejects the CD before completion of the creation phase. I get the message "Don't remove media now-" (?) and I have to close the CD-RW drawer for the files to be written to the disk. A real pain, because it means I have to attend to all the backup operations.

How can this be overcome?

By: Datahjaelp

08/08-2004 00:05

The CD device should close after 10 to 20 sec. and then perform a verify of the file if you have chosen verify zip file. What have you selected under the CD/DVD tab? You can specify do not open but it could have some drawback as Windows may not recognize the changed content of the CD.

By: Chester F. Budd

26/08-2004 17:28

I have nothing selected under CD/DVD tab (never looked there before)and the CD does NOT close by itself after a five minute wait. I have to close it. (Computer is a Dell Inspiron 9100 with an internal CD RW disk drive.) Running Windows XP.

By: Datahjaelp

26/08-2004 18:26

Your computer is a notebook and the program cannot close the CD drive, as there is no CD drawer motor. You can check "Do not open drive when burning is finished" under the CD/DVD tab it will solve your problem.

By: Randy

26/05-2006 15:27

I have it on a laptop and unchecking the box for the CD/DVD drive does not solve the problem. It still ejects it anyway. Actually, I have also tested this same theory on a desktop machine and that does not keep it from ejecting the disc either.

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