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Subject: Partially unattended backup to CD gives problems

By: Wim Beijer

26/09-2004 14:35

I made a job: Full backup of my D drive (9GB aproximately 9 discs (CD-R) needed)). Zip 001 burned to disc 1 during my absence. I stayed away too long to insert a new blank disc in time. In my absence zip 002 was made. When I came in again, zip 003 was being created (no trace of zip 002). So I inserted a new blank disc. Zip 003 was burned succesfully to disc 2. Again I stayed away too long to insert the next blank disc. Zip 005 was already in processing (no trace of zip 004). Than I cancelled the job.
How should I configure the SW to wait for my reappearance en insert a new blank disc before writing? I colud not find it in the help file.
Today I tried with Nero to write some files to disc 1. This failed (of course); not enough space available. I tried the same using Zip Backup to CD and disc 1. I got hte same messsage: not enough space. So the program does detect a fully burned CD-R. Why not during the backup proces itself?
For refencepurposes her is the log:
25-09-2004 20:48:30 Log Created.
25-09-2004 20:48:30 > Files total: 53119
25-09-2004 20:49:19 > Files to backup: 53119 Folder infos to backup: 2156
25-09-2004 20:49:20 > Bytes to backup: 8035536738
25-09-2004 21:05:39 > File created: D:\ZipBackupTemp\ / 680550480
25-09-2004 21:08:54 > No errors found in: D:\ZipBackupTemp\
25-09-2004 21:28:34 > \ burned to disc - Avg. 585 KB/s, Max 972 KB/s
25-09-2004 21:35:32 > - Burned and compared with source, OK
25-09-2004 21:36:51 > File created: D:\ZipBackupTemp\ / 30037628
25-09-2004 21:37:05 > No errors found in: D:\ZipBackupTemp\
25-09-2004 21:39:06 > \ burned to disc - Avg. 579 KB/s, Max 972 KB/s
25-09-2004 21:40:25 > - Burned and compared with source, OK
25-09-2004 21:57:36 > File created: D:\ZipBackupTemp\ / 681117867
25-09-2004 22:01:29 > No errors found in: D:\ZipBackupTemp\
25-09-2004 22:21:10 > \ burned to disc - Avg. 585 KB/s, Max 1024 KB/s
25-09-2004 22:30:24 > - Burned and compared with source, OK
25-09-2004 22:31:24 > File created: D:\ZipBackupTemp\ / 29301828
25-09-2004 22:31:33 > No errors found in: D:\ZipBackupTemp\
25-09-2004 22:33:34 > \ burned to disc - Avg. 590 KB/s, Max 1024 KB/s
25-09-2004 22:34:53 > - Burned and compared with source, OK
25-09-2004 22:46:03 > Files checked: 68
25-09-2004 22:46:03 > Files backed up: 68
25-09-2004 22:46:03 > Bytes backed up: 2643479493
25-09-2004 22:46:03 > Backup cancelled

By: Datahjaelp

26/09-2004 15:36

By: Wim Beijer

26/09-2004 16:39

Where do I find the queue (phisically on my HD)?
I have made a directory especially for the intermediate files. I can see during the proces that that directory is being used. However zip002 and zip004 are nowhere on my HD. So how can the program burn them later if they are not kept somewhere? Or do you mean that the files to be backed up are not yet compressed to a zip file?
Studying the log file in more detail, I see that both zip002 and zip004 are about 28MB (instead of 650MB; which explains why I was late renewing the discs. Anyway that is my other post). Nevertheless, The log fiel explicitely states that the files are burned to disc, which is not the case (disc 1 and 3 are full: 650MB). How should I interpret the messages in the log file?

By: Datahjaelp

26/09-2004 16:58

Have you look at the disc, the disc is probably a 700 MB disc and you have booth the 650 MB and the 28 MB file on the disc. What version of the program are you using?

By: Wim Beijer

26/09-2004 17:11

The discs are indeed 700MB but my drive does not support more than 650MB. I can see on eacht disc only 1 zip file (zip001 resp. zip003). I have tried to add some files to the full discs (with NERO) but that's impossible (no space) Adding files to the 28MB discs (see my other post) was possible (after which they are visible).
The version:
Zip Backup to CD version

By: Datahjaelp

26/09-2004 19:00

I am quit sure the files are on the cd as the verification is impossible if the file is not present. But it can very well be that your drive together with the operating system is not able to read the CD. If you have the possibility to look at the CD on another PC with a different type of CD device you would probably see the missing files.

By: Wim Beijer

27/09-2004 17:50

By: Wim Beijer

29/09-2004 21:22

There may be 3 solutions to above problem.
1. The SW will not write more MB to disc than indicated by max. file size. This requires modification of existing SW. (This wil have implications for writing multiple small files to media with a capacity much higher than max. file size, e.g. several files of 700MB on a 4,5GB DVD).
2. A setting is added to enter the max. capacity per disc. This requires modification of existing SW.
3. Before startung the backup job e free space per disc of 28MB or 52MB (I saw next to the Path field an indication of free space: 702MB. So 702-650=52MB to leave unused). I tried both 28MB and 52MB. In both cases Zip-CD still creates a 28MB zip002 file.

Furthermore (when i tried 52MB free space) zip001 has been burned to CD but did not verify (the zip001 in the temp directory verifies witk the original files but not with the file on disc). An errormessage is given together with the request to enter a new disc. When done, the discdrive and Zip-CD hangs (freezes).

I don't see any more solutions. Without feedback and/or improvement I have to stop the evaluation and look for other backup SW.

By: Datahjaelp

29/09-2004 22:17

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