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Subject: Not responding

By: William Lombardi

03/02-2005 19:48

When I launch Zip Backup to CD the program says it is waiting for system drivers to load. It may take 5 minutes before the program is available. When I click on CD/DVD the program is unable to respond again. My computer is Windows XP Pro and I have both a CDRW (internal) and a DVD+-RW(external USB) drives. The software I am using is InCD and Roxio Drag to Disc.
What is wrong with your program?

By: Datahjaelp

10/02-2005 00:13

We are investigating the use of the program together with InCD and DirectCD. Until now we have not found been able to recall this problem, however selecting use internal ASPI may solve some problems if you have a ASPI driver installed. We will not test the situation where InCD and DirectCD is installed on the same pc as InCD (version 4) does not allow the installation if DirectCD is installed. We see this as and indication of a known serious problem if both programs are installed on the same PC. My best advise is to uninstall on of the programs if possible, and then check use internal ASPI (requires restart of Zip Backup to CD). You should also be aware of the fact that some versions of DirectCD are incompatible with Windows XP, I do not know if it is also the case for InCD. Please note we do not recommend using InCD or DirectCD, you should use the build in burner and get a better use of the space on the media and a disc wich can be read on any system without any special drivers or readers.

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