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Subject: Not recognized: Plextor DVD-Rewriter PX-708A

By: Jonas Jacobsen

17/10-2004 21:40

My DVD-writer is around half a year old, and ZIP Backup recognizes it as "0:0:0,C: Generic DVD-ROM 1.0".
All the read functions are 'green'. All the write functions are 'red'. No underrun-protection or write test etc.
However max write speed is 152x (!!!)

What to do?

By: Norbert Wentz

19/10-2004 12:34

Hi Jonas,

have you checked what happen when you try run as ...
and give an local Admin-Account to run the ZipBackup.exe ?

see also my Positin in Thread "DVD not recognized"

Best regards

By: Jonas Jacobsen

20/10-2004 06:14

Thanks for the reply, Norbert.

I have Administrator rights, so I didn't consider this. But I just tried both running as Administrator and running the program as a service.
In both cases it is exactly the same.

I don't think the program is able to recognize this writer :-( Weird, because other CD/DVD-software (Nero and FireBurner) works fine.

Later today I will test it on another computer with an older LiteOn DVD-rewriter.

By: Datahjaelp

22/10-2004 18:35

ZIP Backup recognizes it as "0:0:0,C: Generic DVD-ROM 1.0".
Is your DVD drive connected as drive letter C:?
If not it may be the problem and it is possible that the beta version 3.19 will solve your problem. You can also experiment with the use internal aspi driver.

By: Jonas Jacobsen

23/10-2004 08:59

No, the DVD drive has the drive letter D:
C: is the master hard drive. E,F,G and H are hard drives too. I don't see how it can be a problem, that the DVD drive is not connected as C: THat would indeed be a strange configuration...

What is, and how do I activate "the internal aspi driver"?

The link doesn't lead anywhere.

By: Datahjaelp

23/10-2004 13:47

Sorry, the link is ok but due to a bug or feature in IE you can not open it (other browsers can) but if you go to and click on the file it works.

If this part is correct typed by you "0:0:0,C:" it indicates that Windows report the drive letter C as the letter for your DVD device and that would be a problem.

On the CD/DVD tab you can try to check or uncheck use internal aspi driver, which may or may not change the information in the status field from IntASPI to another aspi driver if one is installed on your system

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