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Subject: Multiple external drives in a single Firewire enclosure

By: David Culp

23/05-2005 14:55

I have a Firewire IEEE 1934b External Enclosure with 8 IDE DVR-109s. The Firewire to IDE translation is done via INITIO PRO chipset. Windows 2000 Pro SP4 sees the drives as E:, F:, G:, H:, I:, J:, K: and L:. Zip Backup to CD version sees the drives and they show up in the device drop down lost. However the internal aspi driver only shows the following.

>>> Internal ASPI (SPTI 0)
>>> Internal ASPI (SPTI 1)

I can span to two of the DVR-109s but it never spans to the third DVR-109 and so on. I have to replace the burned media with blank media in the first two DVR-109s to continue the backup. I was hoping to automate this process. I did try two drives before I purchased your product to see that drive spanning worked but I didn't try three. Any suggestions as to how to proceed.

By: Datahjaelp

23/05-2005 17:36

Do you have any external ASPI driver? if so try to remove the check mark "use internal ASPI driver". The list shall show all drives:
>>> Internal ASPI (SPTI 0)
>>> Internal ASPI (SPTI 1)
>>> Internal ASPI (SPTI 2)

By: David Culp

23/05-2005 18:48

I did try with Adaptec ASPI 4.71.2 while having the box next to "use internal ASPI driver" unchecked. I got this.


With this version of the Adaptec ASPI layer Zip Backup to CD doesn't see any of the drives. Is there something I am missing here? Is there a nother third party ASPI layer that would help?

By: Datahjaelp

24/05-2005 09:13

Do you have any CD/DVD recording software installed? Can they burn on all the drives. If the ASPI driver does not show more that 2 drives it would normally mean that the driver which connect the device to the system does not work together with the attached drives. Burner programs does not actually connect to the device they connect to the device driver. You may very well be able to read a CD or DVD in the drive without being able to burn on a CD/DVD in the drive.

By: David Culp

24/05-2005 16:51

I tryed another drive spanning software "NTI Backup Now Deluxe 4.0". It spanned 70GB over 6 DVD+Rs without problem. This was all the same hardware just different software. The reason I would rather use "Zip Backup to CD" of course is because it uses Zip files and can be restored with the "7-Zip" manager.

Since it worked with another package is there anything else you could advise in order for me to use "Zip Backup to CD"?

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