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Subject: multiple DVD burners

By: scott white

22/11-2004 18:53

Hello, I have been using your program for 2 years and really enjoyed it. I decided to try burning a backup to multiple drives. I have modified a backup job that was working and instead of using the hardware address of the drive I put in the drive letter followed by an "|" as per your instructions. Now when the backup runs it builds the first zip file and compares just fine. I stops at burning to drive with 0% complete. I have left this run overnight with no progress.

I am running Windows XP, fully patched. I have downloaded your beta version 3.19 and installed. Before I was running v3.18. I have purchased 2 addtional DVD burnners, one is on the same IDE channel as my orginial DVD but set to slave. The other is in a USB external enclosure. I have tested burning files to each of the drives using your CD/DVD tab and that worked fine. I have done quick erases and full earases of all three drives and that worked fine. The USB device seems to be slow to respond. It is USB V2 and I have it pluged into a V2 hub which is pluged into a V2 port on the computer. All three drives have drive letters assigned by WinXP, I have made sure that another device is not trying to use the same drive letter.

Here is the log file from the last test that I did today.

11/22/2004 9:30:55 AM Log Created.
11/22/2004 9:30:55 AM > Files total: 104540
11/22/2004 9:31:10 AM > Files to backup: 104540 Folder infos to backup: 6359
11/22/2004 9:31:12 AM > Bytes to backup: 19868589966
11/22/2004 9:31:26 AM > File skipped, while in use: C:\Program Files\Datahjaelp\Zip Backup to CD\_$zreg_$._$r
11/22/2004 10:07:57 AM > File skipped, while in use: c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows NT\NTBackup\catalogs51\31763508.V01
11/22/2004 10:26:59 AM > File created: C:\backup-temp\ / 4291285798
11/22/2004 10:37:55 AM > No errors found in: C:\backup-temp\
11/22/2004 10:39:08 AM > DVD erase done - 3324 KB/s

As you can see the erase completed fine. There is no mention of any problem with the burn but but the burn didn't start.

I only do a full backup once a week and it uses 3 DVDs, thus I wanted to try to reduce my intervention on the weekly backups. The drives are:

1:0:0,E: _NEC DVD_RW ND-2500A 1.06 Master
1:1:0,D: GENERIC DVD RW 12XMax 100i Slave
3:0:0,K: GENERIC DVD RW 12XMax 100i USB Master

The Generic DVDs are OptoRite Double Layer 12x4x2.4 drives. I am using Memorex media.

Any ideas?

By: Datahjaelp

24/11-2004 00:17

Did you remember to write E:|D:|K: and not E|D|K

By: scott white

24/11-2004 17:15

Yes I did. I have tried testing the DVD drives with DVD RW disks using the CD/DVD tab and "Burn File to CD" That works fine. I have tried doing a test backup to each drive letter and the NEC drive-drive E: works fine. The other 2 drives D: and K: stop when writing to the DVD drive.

I did test the D: drive using a CD RW and that worked fine. I did check the event log in Windows XP and that did report errors with the drive. One of the error messages is "The device, \Device\Ide\IdePort1, did not respond within the timeout period." But this drive worked just fine when I used a CD RW and your program. I will check the manufacture's web site for any updated firmware version and then try again.

By: scott white

25/11-2004 18:23


I have contacted the manufacutre of the DVD drives and obtained an updataed firmware and installed it. That seems to help. Now Zip to cd will burn to the DVD drives durning a backup. But only to a single drive. When I try to do multiple drives I receive the following error message: "Not enought free disk space for the next files in D: insert a new medial, disk or remove files until there is enought free space." I have full erase turned on and it erased the disk, but only when I was working with 1 DVD drive. I have made sure that I have the drive letters seperated by a "|", in fact I copied what you had responded earlier and pasted that in, no change in error message. I will try using just one drive letter, I will also try doing a manual full erase before running the backup job. This doesn't make any sense.


By: Datahjaelp

25/11-2004 19:31

Please also make sure that you have "Use Path" to the left for the destination path. You may also try the latest beta; you can download it from
I have added a fix for the "Use Path" problem.

By: scott white

28/11-2004 16:29

I am using the "Use Path" option. I have also downloaded the beta version of software. The problems that I reported occured after both of these options were checked and installed.

I have resolved the issue with your program working with the DVD burners. I had one of the new "Generic" DVD burners set as a slave on the secondary IDE channel along with the NEC burner set as master. I installed a Promise Ultra IDE controler and has since put each DVD drive onto its own channel as master. This seems to have resolved the issue with your program not wanting to burn to the DVD after erasing them.

By: scott white

28/11-2004 16:45

Twn new problems have cropped up.

1) Zip to CD will not erase the DVD +RWs any more. After resolving the IDE comunication problems and getting the program to burn to multiple DVD drives the program will not Erase of Full Earase the RWs. I have done a workaround and using DVDINFO erased the DVD's before hand, This will work on 1st 2 DVD disk. My next problem is listed below.

2) Can not get Zip to CD to work with more than 2 DVD drives when burning to multiple DVD drives. I have tested this out and it looks like a program flaw. I currently have the drives to back up to set as "F:|E:|D:|". The program will use drive F: and E: and burn to the disks. But when it comes to the program using the 3rd DVD burner, it doesn't. It does not appear to be the drives, because I have switched the drive letter order around to "D:|E:|F:|" and then the progam used drive D: Adn E: but not F:. Is there a limitation to the number of drives that your program will cascade down to?

I am trying to find a backup solution that I can load up on Friday that will do a complete backup Friday night and then Saturday thru Thursday backup any modified files every night. I have been using your program along with CD and DVD burners for close to 2 years to backup the modified files. A couple of months ago my DAT drive took a dive and I have been trying to see if your program along with DVD burners would do an acceptable job of backing up.

By: scott white

28/11-2004 16:53

I forgot to include the error message that pops up after the second DVD disk is burnt.

"The CD/DVD do not have enought free space for: C:\backup-temp\ Insert a new disc in the CD/DVD writer. Press cancel to continue and skip the current file."

The zip file it is trying to write is 2580 MB in size and the free space reported is 389 MB. I have checked the last DVD RW and it is blank. I have gotten the program to burn the last zip file to the DVD by moving the disc from the 3rd drive to the 1st or 2nd drive. Then every thing works fine. Is this the way the program is to work? Or is it a bug?

By: Datahjaelp

30/11-2004 16:56

I have tried to set up a computer running Windows 2003 server. I have 3 drives exactly as yours D: E: F: and it works without problems. During the tests I had a problem as the one drive whose connected as a slave on drive C: the windows system. In this configuration Windows will freeze if the media in the drive has problems or it may be a result of Windows trying to read the folder structure in the zip file. Now I have two drives connected as master and slave on one Ide controller and the third drive connected to an additional Ide controller as a master. I have now made several backups with quick and full erase and it works without any problems. I you look at the CD/DVD tab what do you have in the log field, something like:

>>> Internal ASPI (SPTI 0)
>>> Internal ASPI (SPTI 1)
>>> Internal ASPI (SPTI 2)

Or do you have:

>>> Internal ASPI (SPTI 0)
>>> Internal ASPI (SPTI 1)

If you have the last scenario then one of the drives are loaded as I see it when a drive is slave on the master drive (it works in my case but it has also stalled Windows and still do if I put a defective media in that drive). I can put a defective media in the other drives and after some time (minutes) then windows decide that it can not read the media and the Explorer responds again.

By: scott white

30/11-2004 17:55

Hi Thanks for the response.

I looked on teh CD/DVD tab and this is what I have.
>>> Internal ASPI (SPTI 0)
>>> Internal ASPI (SPTI 1)
>>> Internal ASPI (SPTI 2)
>>> Internal ASPI (SPTI 3)
>>> Internal ASPI (SPTI 0)
>>> Internal ASPI (SPTI 1)
>>> Internal ASPI (SPTI 2)
>>> Internal ASPI (SPTI 3)

I didn't mention a fourth CD drive that I have, but that is a 4x CD-ROM on SCSI. I can disconect that if you think it is interfering. I haven't had a chance to put the 2 "Optorite" drives on the same channel as master and slave and then move the NEC DVD drive to channel 3 as master. Maybe that is causing the problem. I will do that and let you know.


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