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Subject: more about Users

By: L Folley

12/09-2004 07:08

Please say more about users. I'm using Win2K and when my scheduled bkups will run, I'll probably be logged in as my 'User' account (which is a poweruser), not as Administrator. But I'd like to backup system files, too.
What do you suggest as a strategy?

If I'm logged in as 'User' when jobs are to run, I assume that I have to create all the backup jobs as 'User' so that they are found by Zip Backup, right?
And will they be able to backup the system files? and the Admin files? ( %SYSTEMSTATE% %REGISTRY% and Administrator\Application Data\* )
Or do I need to create other backup jobs as Administrator to back these up?
If so, do I have to be logged in as Administrator before those jobs will successfully run?

Is there a way to create backup jobs and then move them into the AllUsers/Application directory so it doesn't matter how I'm logged in?

What is the best strategy for me to use to be logged in as a User yet still get full backups?

By: Datahjaelp

26/09-2004 15:59

The user running the backup job needs to have at least read access to all files. If you are planning to clear the archive bit you also need write access. Normally you would need administrator rights to backup the systemstate and registry. The Administrator does normally have rights to backup all users on the system, but it is always depending on the security settings on the system.

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