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Subject: Missing directory after back up

By: Stewart McAdoo

26/01-2005 03:38

I set up a full back up of C:\ to go to an external USB hard drive at the max (~4.5gb) file size. There was plenty of room on the destination drive. The job produced 4 files which is about what I expected. After running it I wanted to restore one of the root directories. I used WinZip 9.0 but have not found my directory. Most of the others are there but not this one. What happened? Where is it? This is very disturbing.

By: Datahjaelp

29/01-2005 00:10

Did you check all the files? If you have the Optimise used Space in the Backup menu checked (default), then the files are not stored in alphabetic order. You have to search all the zip files made by this backup job. To help you check all the files you can use the catalog belonging to the job or create a new catalog.

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