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Subject: It's not asking me for a new disk???

By: gina bower

20/01-2006 02:00

Why is the program not telling me when to insert a new DVD-RW? I'm running a backup and it filled the dvd with the first 4 files, then apparently just started putting them in the temp directory. When I put a new DVD-RW in the drive, it started putting file #7 on there and #5 and #6 are still in the temp directory. ??? Can I tell the program to wait for me? or at least get it to copy the files in order?


By: Datahjaelp

03/02-2006 22:27

When the disk is burned the program will continue with making the backup as long as there is enough temporary disk space. The created backup files will be burned to medias when new medias are inserted. The burning of the files may not follow in the order in which they where created. Version 3.19.7 released 3. February 2006 has an option to force the program to wait for the next media. To force the wait for next media check the "Wait for next media" in the "Backup" menu.

By: gina bower

04/02-2006 00:23

thank you!

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