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Subject: Incremental Backup Made DVD Unreadable

By: Ben Allgor

22/05-2006 22:28

This has happened to me 2 months in a row. I usually make a full data backup on the 1st Sunday night of the month, and then make incremental backups each Sunday night for the rest of the month, using the same DVD until it is full. Last night was my 3d or 4th backup this month, and it did not complete. It gave me a message saying that it could not mount the drive, and I should manually check the file. The log is copied below.

Windows Explorer will not view the drive at all. I used ISO Buster to extract the full backup file, which was the only file it showed, but Power Archiver says there are no files in it. I also tried file recovery with ISO Buster, and it recovered a number of files that it gave .zip extensions, but only one was readable by Power Archiver, and it contained some of the files from the full backup.

This software has worked great for a year. I think I will reinstall, but I don't feel very confident that it will help. I won't know for a few weeks. Any suggestions? Has anyone experienced this?

I have Windows 2000 w/SP4 and an AOpen DUW-1608/ARR drive, if that is relevant.

This is last night's log file

05/21/2006 11:44:00 PM Log Created. ZipBackup.exe
05/21/2006 11:44:00 PM > Files total: 17817
05/21/2006 11:44:01 PM > Files to backup: 1053 Folder infos to backup: 0
05/21/2006 11:44:01 PM > Bytes to backup: 1131830875
05/21/2006 11:44:16 PM > File skipped, while in use: C:\Program Files\Datahjaelp\Zip Backup to CD\_$zreg_$._$r
5/21/2006 11:49:39 PM > File skipped, while in use: C:\Documents and Settings\benallgor\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows\UsrClass.dat
5/21/2006 11:49:39 PM > File skipped, while in use: C:\Documents and Settings\benallgor\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows\UsrClass.dat.LOG
5/21/2006 11:50:39 PM > File skipped, while in use: C:\Documents and Settings\benallgor\ntuser.dat.LOG
5/21/2006 11:51:15 PM > File created: C:\DOCUME~1\BENALL~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\ / 689911341
5/21/2006 11:52:32 PM > No errors found in: C:\DOCUME~1\BENALL~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\
5/22/2006 12:05:17 AM > D:\ burned to disc - Avg. 971 KB/s, Max 1190 KB/s
5/22/2006 12:08:04 AM > Could not mount the disc with, test the file manually when the job is finished
5/22/2006 9:44:16 AM > Files checked: 1053
5/22/2006 9:44:16 AM > Files backed up: 1049
5/22/2006 9:44:16 AM > Bytes backed up: 1129097729
5/22/2006 9:44:16 AM > Warning some files where skipped see detailed log!
5/22/2006 9:44:16 AM > Detailed log saved as: C:\Documents and Settings\benallgor\Application Data\ZipBackupToCD\Log\Incremetal full data backup_156.txt
5/22/2006 9:44:16 AM > Backup end: Incremetal full data backup.dat

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