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Subject: How to backup files but NOT subdirectories

By: Bruce Mutton

31/05-2006 02:06

I want to backup all files D:\Backup but want to exclude all subdirectories in D:\Backup, using a few generic masks, without specifying every single file and folder to include and exclude.

The instructions in the help file and the yellow popup notes, and the behaviour went files are dragged into the Files to Backup and Files to Exclude are contradictory!!!

Especially wrt the use of the \ to signify a folder and not a file.

I have tryed;
INCLUDE D:\Backup\*.*
EXCLUDE D:\Backup\*.\

and many other combinations. They either backup every file and folder, or nothing.

What am I missing here.

By: chris

16/06-2006 21:37

Hopefully you don't have many subdirectories to deal with but my guess is you'd have to type in each subdirectory to exclude.

By the way, if SUPPORT does read this post, I request a modification to the program so that checkboxes are added next to the +- symbols to expand subdirectories so that they function for multiple folder selection rather than the current, one-at-a-time in and out process of addind includes or excludes. - Ref: NTBACKUP or basically any other backup software.

By: Bruce Mutton

18/06-2006 12:19

Thanks Chris,
That is what I have had to resort to, but it is a little tedious, and I have to modify the backup job files each time the affected directory changes...

By: Datahjaelp

19/06-2006 11:49

I will test what i takes to implement a feature where you can exclude sub folders without excluding the files.

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