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Subject: Future Versions

By: Lonnie Reeder

16/04-2007 05:19

Are there any plans for a future version? Of this backup Utility?

- WOuld like to see the ability to save each file as a zip file for easier restores.


By: Lonnie Reeder

16/04-2007 05:22

I would also like to see the ability to handle files bigger than 4.2 GB

By: Datahjaelp

16/04-2007 09:09

Yes, and also support for files bigger than 4 GB.

By: Lonnie Reeder

16/04-2007 15:12

Agreed, there are limitations for such file sizes, and I have to admit I do have very few files that come close to that size, just from the sheer fact of handling them and moving them from place to place. Database files of course can get this big, but at that point there are other backup options.

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