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Subject: Full Backup problem

By: Stewart McAdoo

03/04-2006 02:38

I recently upgraded to and cannot run full backups. I can run old backup jobs for changed files but not a newly created full or an previously created backup job. the job makes and sorts its list and then stalls creating the back up file (on a USB external disk). I can watch the file size growing in explorer but the zip backup doesn't appear to be processing any files. After the file gets to some large size the file is deleted and the file name is incremented and it just starts over. Can someone help me figure out what's wrong?

By: Datahjaelp

25/04-2006 15:41

Please post the log file from the job which is causing problems. Do you have scheduled jobs? if so remove old jobs.
Did you check overwrite existing zip file? if so try to uncheck it.

By: Stewart McAdoo

07/05-2006 04:03

And...the answer was...The back up drive a Buffalo Tech USB external of 250 gb size was apparently unable to handle a 4 gb file. I set the back up to 2gb max zip file size and all is well.

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