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Subject: "'filename' is not a valid integer" error message

By: Patrick Brown

09/08-2006 00:40

I have used Zip Backup successfully for many months with no problem. However, today I tried to do an incremental backup and I got the following error message in a window titled "Zip Backup to CD - All":

'Questions And Answers.url' is not a valid integer value.

When I clicked the "OK" button, the backup apparently terminated. I searched my disk for a file named "Questions And Answers.url" but found nothing with this name. I tried to do a complete backup but I got the same error message. I renamed the All.dat and files to "Old All.dat" and Old All.dat" hoping that the software would create new files but I got the same result. Finally, I unchecked the Cat box, and the software created a complete backup. However, I want to use the Catalog feature. What's going on, and what should I do to fix this problem?

By: Datahjaelp

09/08-2006 09:03

Please email the catalog file to me and I will find a solution so that this problem does not appear in the future.
There is a update which is just before release.

By: Patrick Brown

27/08-2006 05:54

I sent the catalog file to on 9 August, but have heard nothing from you since. Did you receive the file? Should I use a different email address (you did not specify one)?

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