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Subject: Explanation of "may be corrupt" error

By: Richard Joyner

05/10-2006 19:04

I have received the error message "[filename"> in [zip file"> may be corrupt" error several times in my log files. Sometimes, it seems that ZB2CD can recover from these errors, as in the example below:

10/04/2006 5:44:03 PM > D:\Archive (10.04.2006) burned to disc - Avg. 1729 KB/s, Max 3008 KB/s
10/04/2006 5:44:34 PM > \Buffalo\data\pharoah.doc in D:\Archive (10.04.2006) may be corrupt.
10/04/2006 5:44:34 PM > Errors found in: D:\Archive (10.04.2006)
10/04/2006 5:44:36 PM > Archive (10.04.2006) - Compare started
10/04/2006 5:49:06 PM > Archive (10.04.2006) - Burned and compared with source, OK

Yet at other times, there is an error in the burned file:

10/05/2006 4:37:12 AM > D:\Archive (10.04.2006) burned to disc - Avg. 1867 KB/s, Max 3075 KB/s
10/05/2006 4:43:32 AM > \Buffalo\media\video\The Drama Teacher.mpg in D:\Archive (10.04.2006) may be corrupt.
10/05/2006 4:49:46 AM > Errors found in: D:\Archive (10.04.2006)
10/05/2006 4:49:48 AM > Archive (10.04.2006) - Compare started
10/05/2006 4:53:47 AM > Error written disc file different from source file

What exactly does the "may be corrupt" error mean? Is this an error in the zip file as written to the temp location? Can ZB2CD later recover from these types of errors when burning to the CD/DVD?

By: Datahjaelp

05/10-2006 23:38

"file may be corrupt"
If verify zip file after backup is selected the file is tested after it has been burned to the media. This test failed. When it is a CD or DVD it is often seen that some bit are read different due to media or drive errors. It is likely that if you perform the test again it will pass.

"Burned and compared with source OK"
The file on the media is compared with the file in the temp directory and they are equal.

"Error written disc file different from source file"
Above mentioned compare failed if you can verify the file on the media manually without error you may have a media or burner which are unstable.

The errors can not be corrected by the program. This errors are only seen if there are problems with the drive or media or burning to fast.

A way to test the program is to make the backup to a hard disk and see that it runs error free.

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