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Subject: Error on Burning

By: Andrew Hobbs

02/06-2005 18:30

Hi, got some issues with the burning process to CD.
Our backup has a few problems, this is the log below, the error is always the same at the end, allthough it burns fine and is on the CD, it still errors out and our client gets error emails but it burns fine :| This happens randomly and will work the next night, allthough i think maybe its a case of the PC needing a reboot more often. Any ideas? Report follows...

01/06/2005 02:00:41 > Backup started: Backup F.dat
01/06/2005 02:00:54 > Files total: 2963
01/06/2005 02:00:54 > Files to backup: 2963 Folder infos to backup: 92
01/06/2005 02:00:55 > Bytes to backup: 911807086
01/06/2005 02:06:59 > File created: C:\DOCUME~1\BACKUP~1.MUL\LOCALS~1\Temp\ / 218432937
01/06/2005 02:06:59 > No errors found in: C:\DOCUME~1\BACKUP~1.MUL\LOCALS~1\Temp\
01/06/2005 02:18:58 > F:\ Error burning to disc - Finalization

By: Norbert Wentz

15/06-2005 08:17

Hi Andrew,

As you can see in Line 4 of your backup.log you try to Backup 869.5 MegaBytes. if your medium is a CDxx there
will be not enough space for Data and Leadin and Leadout.
if you use 650MB CDR set the max Zip-Size to 650
for 700MB CDR to 700 and so on.
It would also be helpful to give Information on the
Environment: OS, ZipBackupToCD Version, CD-Burner-Drive,...

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