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Subject: Error Backup to CD-R

By: Bor

10/09-2005 09:04

I have a problem with my backup to a CD-R, below you find the corrrect executed steps but the last step, gives the error-message. If I take the same backup with the same settings to a CD-RW, I don't have any problem at all. Could you help me ?
Steps :
OKE : *...
OKE : Copy to Zip
OKE : Finalizing Session
OKE : Disc created, waiting for drive
NOK : Comparing Disc
==> error-message : Error written discfile different from source file <==


By: Wes Heaton

15/09-2005 06:42

When I get the different from source file stuff it is normally a media issue. Using CD-R I assume you dont want the erase the media before the back up.

By: Bor

15/09-2005 20:54

Hi Wes,

Thanks for your reaction

Yes, I don't want to erase the media before the backup if I use a CD-R.

I'm looking for one very good software to backup for two different functions. I'm not happy to have a lot of softwares, because in a lot of situations, one software disturbes the other.

a) I want to backup on a CD-RW ==> for always changing documents and/or folders; etc..
b) I want to backup on a CD-R ==> for no more changing data, for example pictures, music, photos, etc. If an error occurs I'm not sure all the files are backuped 100% safe.


By: Datahjaelp

15/09-2005 22:52

When you get a written file different from source file, the data on the CD are not OK.
The problem is normally related to defective CD-R or the fact that you may burn at a speed which is not suitable for your system.
You can try to limit the max preferred speed on the CD/DVD tab if the value is 0 the program will burn at the max speed your writer will allow, it may be too fast for the media type or your system in general.
Try to set the value to 12 and if that solves your problem you can try to increase the value if you like.

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