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Subject: erase

By: Ben W Foster

26/02-2005 22:39

What is the differance between "erase" and "full erase"?
When I am backing up to a disk that has some stuff on it I get an error msg. "disk full" before backup is done.
But I have erase and full erase checked so the old stuff will be removed first but that is not happening.
How do I automaticly erase the old backup when I start a new backup?

By: Datahjaelp

01/03-2005 00:18

If the destination is a CD/DVD burner and the media used are a CD-RW you may also decide if the media shall be erased before use by checking "Disc Erase / Full Erase".

The erase can be compared with deleting files on a floppy disk and the Full erase is similar to formatting a floppy disc

Zip file name
If this field is red, existing files with the same name will be overwritten. This
behaviour is controlled from the menu Backup > Overwrite Existing Zip Files.

If you use a packet write program to write to the disc the erase functions will have no effects on the media. Make sure you are not trying to burn or erase at a higher speed than the media is certified to. You should go to the CD/DVD tab and try to make a full erase if it does not work what type of error do you read in the CD/DVD status field. You should also try to select the devise lookup box and select the device where the media is inserted and let the device stay active (the text is blue) and press ctrl+s then you will get the status of the disc in the selected device (it will be printed in the status/log field at the bottom of the page.

By: Ben W Foster

03/03-2005 22:15

Thank You for responding.
I forgot to mention that I am using an external 10 gb hard drive for back up so I guess I wont be able to automatically erase or overwrite the previous BU.
Is this correct?

By: Datahjaelp

03/03-2005 23:49

No, you can overwrite but you have to use the "Overwrite Existing Zip Files" in the backup menu, make sure to specify a static file name without date information.

Destination Zip file name
If you live the destination file name blank the Zip file created will normally get a name in this format according to the date and followed by a number starting with 101 for the first file created this day. After the number may follow an "a" which means that only new or changed files since last backup have been backed up. This may be determined from the archive attributes of the files or the date time from the catalogue entries. If the number is followed by a "c" it means that it is a copy and the archive attributes have not been cleared after the backup of the files. You can also specify a name which shall precede the creating number. If you do so only specify the preceding part Data would result in files with the name Using the %DATE% in the name would enable you to specify a name with the date where the backup job was started, Data%DATE% would result in a file with the name The date format is YYYYMMDD, year month day.

If this field is red existing files with the same name will be overwritten. This behavior is controlled from the menu "Backup", "Overwrite Existing Zip Files"

By: Ben W Foster

04/03-2005 23:10

Thanks for your help.
I just tried it and it worked.

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