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Subject: encryption add-in?

By: David McKenzie

25/10-2006 18:49

I've been using "Zip Backup to CD" for a few months now, and I have found it a great tool for easy back-ups.

I have a few files on my hard drive that I would like backed up, but I would like to encrypt them to ensure that no-one steals the backup and can use the data against me!

Is it possible to integrate file encryption into the program? I have GnuPG ( ) installed on my computer and regularly use this for sending emails so this would be ideal.


By: Datahjaelp

26/10-2006 20:50

If you use password the file is encrypted with the password in the standard zip encryption algorithm. It is not a strong encryption but if you use a long password (12 characters or more) it will take very long time to crack the password, if you do not use common words in the password.

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