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Subject: DVD+RW, Not enough room on disk, Erase completed with errors

By: Customer

18/06-2004 14:01

I am using an Optorite CD/DVD burner and Imation DVD+RW disks. (I have also changed drives and tried a Benq CD/DVD burner.

The messages I get are as follows:

'Not enough room on disk'. It is a blank DVD+RW disk (have tried several different ones) and I am only trying to copy 348MB.

'Erase completed with errors'. No matter whether I try a quick erase or a complete erase, it only runs for a few seconds and I get this message.

By: Datahjaelp

18/06-2004 14:11

Make sure you are using version 3.18.6 or later it should solve the problem.

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