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Subject: Do not "Save full path info"

By: benb

26/05-2005 18:04

When manually creating a zip archive with WinZip it is possible to choose whether or not to "Save full path info". Zip Backup to CD does not appear to have this option, that is, it will always save the full path to the zip file.

Is it likely that this choice will be available in a future revision of Zip Backup to CD?

By: Norbert Wentz

15/06-2005 08:53

Hi Ben?
i think that feature is not integrated because of the different intentions on the programms. So ZipBackupToCD
is a BACKUP Programm and the main task is to save File's
in an backup archive just in the same structure they are on HD. To restore them in the same directory structure if it is needed. An option to dissable the Pathinfo in the backuparchives will be dangerous, because a lot of people don't RTFM

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