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Subject: Disk Naming Convention

By: Richard Joyner

24/08-2006 04:39

What convention does Zip Backup to CD use to name backup media? Can the user specify the template for disk names to be used?

By: Datahjaelp

24/08-2006 11:24

The media is labeled with:
YYMMDDHHMM - 0608240712
You can not specify the label. Do you have any suggestion for a format?

The file name can be named by the user and it is possible to include the date (%DATE%) in the file name.

By: Richard Joyner

25/08-2006 00:45

I would just suggest allowing the user the OPTION (instead of your default) of entering their own desired string with which to name the media.

By: Richard Joyner

25/08-2006 17:38

Another suggestion would be to reserve two characters at the end of the media name for a sequential number (1 - 99) to track spanned media.

I would also suggest tracking spanned media in the Catalog, to make it easier to find the disk on which a particular zip file is stored, when restoring files (this will be entered as a separate post).

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