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Subject: Differencial and Incremental Backup

By: Peter Kerekes

03/10-2005 04:10

I have a problem with making differencial backup. Somehow whatever I do, it turns out to be an incremental backup. I don't know why.

Would appreciate advise.

My setting are as follows:

Full Backup:

Backup - files
All: X
Clear Abit X
Cat: X (backup cat)

File name: Full Data
Use path: X (D:\Backup

Differencial Backup:

Backup -files
changed: X
After: 0
Clear Abit : 0
Cat: X (backup cat)

Destination -
File name: Changed Data
Use Path: X (D:\Backup)

the rest I don't think matters


By: Bruce Mutton

31/05-2006 01:58

According to the instructions you can only get incremental backups if you are using the catalog, unless you manually intervene at each backup cycle to chane the "after" entry, because the archive bits are ignored when you use the catalog.

Crap I know.

I'd like to find a fully automatic work around as well.

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