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Subject: Creating '.z01' instead of '.zip'

By: Joe Davis

30/07-2005 17:06

This just started recently. I've used various versions of this program for years. Currently using version The program is not changing the temporary extension it uses while creating the file, 'z01', to 'zip' and if I rename the file extension to 'zip' and try to open it, it contains errors.
I just did a full backup limiting the file size to 650 and it created 6 files. 4 of them were zips and 2 of them were 'z01' & 'z02'.
I will try reinstalling but would appreciate assistance as I have purchased a license.

By: Joe Davis

30/07-2005 17:13

Additional info: The error message that I get on the files on trying to open says "No CE signature found".

By: Joe Davis

30/07-2005 22:43

I think I discovered the problem. I had the menu item checked to "Split large files". After I unchecked, the problem disappeared... at least I hope it did!

By: Datahjaelp

09/08-2005 16:00

If you check split large files the program will make a file of the size specified and then break the file in two ore more fragments and continue. The files are numbered z01, z02 and so on. Those files are all part of the same zip file where Zip Backup to CD else would have made stand alone zip files.

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